(A)   Requirements. Except as hereinafter provided, no person, firm or corporation shall construct, erect, alter, wreck or move any building or structure or parts thereof within the corporate limits of the city without first securing a building and use permit from the city. It shall not be necessary to secure a building and use permit in order to alter, repair or otherwise change the interior of any residential building provided the proposed alteration, repair or change will not affect the exterior dimension of such building or change the existing use and occupancy thereof.
   (B)   Application. Application for a building permit shall be made to the Building Official on blank forms to be furnished by the city. Each application for a permit to construct or alter a building shall be accompanied by a plan drawn to scale showing the dimensions of the lot to be built upon and the size and location of the building and accessory buildings to be erected. Applications shall contain such other information as may be deemed necessary for the proper enforcement of this chapter or any other ordinance.
   (C)   Fees. The fee for a building permit shall be determined by the City Council.
   (D)   Issuance. The City Administrator-Clerk-Treasurer shall issue the building permit only after determining that the building plans together with the application comply with the terms of this chapter.
(Ord. 151, passed 1-10-96; Am. Ord. 4, 2007 Series, passed 7-10-07)