(A)   In order to ensure compliance with the performance standards set forth in division (B) of this section, the City Council may require the owner or operator of any permitted use to have made such investigations or tests as may be required to show adherence to the performance standards. The investigation or tests as are required shall be carried out by an independent testing organization selected by the city. The investigations or testing shall be ordered by the owner or operator.
   (B)   The cost of same shall be shared equally by the owner or operator and the city, unless the investigations or tests disclose noncompliance with the performance standards, in which situation the entire costs shall be paid by the owner or operator.
      (1)   Emission of or creation of noise, odors, vibration, smoke, dust, fumes and gases shall all conform to standards as set forth by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency.
      (2)   Any lights used for exterior illumination shall direct light away from adjoining districts. Glare, whether direct or reflected, such as from floodlights, spotlights or high-temperature processing and as differentiated from general illumination, shall not be visible beyond the limits of the district.
      (3)   The design and construction of water supply facilities and treatment of all industrial sewage and waste shall comply with city and state health standards and requirements.
(Ord. 151, passed 1-10-96)