(A)   All dwellings must be placed on a foundation constructed of masonry, concrete or treated wood, with footings supporting the foundation constructed of solid masonry or concrete placed at a minimum depth of 42 inches below finish grade.
   (B)   All dwellings exterior siding must be of a conventional exterior dwelling-type material. Sheet metal siding is not permitted.
   (C)   All dwellings must have a pitched roof covered with shingle, tile or approved sheet metal roofing and have eaves of not less than six inches.
   (D)   All dwellings must be built in conformance with Minnesota Statutes.
   (E)   All dwellings must have all exterior and bearing stud walls to be of at least 2" x 4" construction.
   (F)   All manufactured homes must have available for inspection, manufacturer’s instructions specifying how said home is to be situated on a permanent foundation.
(Ord. passed 7-8-98)