Buildings or land may be used for the following if granted a special use permit:
   (A)   Municipal administration buildings, police and fire stations, museums, art galleries, post offices and other municipal service buildings, except those customarily considered industrial in use, providing that no building shall be located within 25 feet of any lot in a residential district;
   (B)   Water supply buildings, reservoirs, wells, elevated tanks and similar essential public utility and service structures;
   (C)   Golf clubhouse, country club, public swimming pool or private swimming pool serving more than one family, provided that no principal structure shall be located within 25 feet of any lot in a residential district;
   (D)   Offices of professional persons;
   (E)   Cemetery or memorial garden;
   (F)   Boarding or rental of rooms to five to eight persons on a premises;
   (G)   Railroad rights-of-way, but not including railroad yards or shops;
   (H)   Nurseries and greenhouses for growing plants only, no retail sales;
   (I)   Fences:
      (1)   Fences in the residential districts shall not exceed six feet in height and must be constructed either of wood, chain-link metal or decorative metal.
      (2)   (a)   The fence must be constructed on the property owner’s property.
         (b)   All fence posts or fence supports shall be placed on the property owner’s side of the fence.
      (3)   No fence shall be constructed in the front yard of the property or adjacent to a public sidewalk without a special use permit.
      (4)   All wall, fence or hedge may occupy part of a required yard, except that on corner lots there shall be a triangular area formed by the right-of-way lines of intersecting streets and a line joining points on the lines 30 feet distant from the intersection, in which area there shall be no wall, fence or hedge and trees shall be trimmed from the ground to a height of 16 feet above curb level.
      (5)   All applications must include a sketch of the fence and where it will go on the property with the location of the buildings on the property as well.
   (J)   Carports.
(Ord. 151, passed 1-10-96; Am. Ord. 3, Second Series, passed 7-8-03; Am. Ord. 4, 2004 Series, passed 7-13-04; Am. Ord. 2, 2007 Series, passed 7-10-07; Am. Ord. 2, Second Series, passed 1-9-24)