Within the R-A District, unless otherwise provided by this chapter, no uses are permitted except the following:
   (A)   One- or two-family dwellings with a permanent foundation;
   (B)   Parks and recreational areas owned or operated by governmental agencies;
   (C)   (1)   Public schools, elementary or high, or private schools having a curriculum equivalent to a public elementary school or public high school;
      (2)   Health care facility, including but not limited to, a hospital, a medical clinic, a day surgery center, a residential alcohol and drug treatment facility, an assisted living facility, a board and lodging facility, a nursing home, a diagnostic imaging center, a fitness center, a rehabilitation center, a residential center for special needs adults and children, a hospice center, a health care administrative center, and a center for alternative medicine;
   (D)   Golf courses, except club houses, miniature courses and driving tees operated for commercial purposes;
   (E)   Churches, provided that no building shall be located within 25 feet of any lot line abutting a lot in any of the classes of residence districts;
   (F)   Agriculture, farming and truck gardening, except kennels, animal or poultry farms operated for commercial purposes;
   (G)   Home occupations, as defined in § 152.005 and the following standards. All standards of the zoning district shall apply. The specific standards shall apply to all home occupations:
      (1)   Said use shall occupy not more than one-quarter of the area of the main floor of the principal dwelling and/or attached or detached accessory building;
      (2)   The use shall not require substantial interior or exterior alteration of the dwelling;
      (3)   Conduct of the home occupation does not generate more noise, vibration, glare, fumes, odor, dust, electrical interference or hazards or nuisances noticeable outside of the dwelling, than normally associated with residential occupancy in the neighborhood;
      (4)   The use shall not generate sewage of a nature or rate greater than that normally associated with residential occupancy, nor shall it generate hazardous waste or solid waste at a rate greater than that normally associated with residential occupancy;
      (5)   No outdoor display of goods or outside storage of equipment or materials is permitted;
      (6)   Commodities may be sold as part of the home occupation; however, it shall be only a minor and insubstantial part of the total home occupation;
      (7)   The home occupation shall not increase vehicular traffic flow and parking by more than two additional vehicles at a time and any need for parking generated by the conduct of a home occupation shall be located on the current driveway and not in front of any part of the principal dwelling, except the garage or an attached porch;
      (8)   No home occupation will be allowed that jeopardizes the health and safety of residents in the city;
      (9)   There shall be no renting of dwelling or yard space in a residential zoned area for nonresidential purposes;
      (10)   Rental of attached and detached accessory buildings for motorized vehicles and/or recreational vehicles is permitted; and
      (11)   There shall be no signage advertising the occupation’s product or business.
   (H)   Accessory buildings and uses:
      (1)   Private garages;
      (2)   In ground swimming pool when completely enclosed within a chain link or similar fence six feet high;
      (3)   Boarding, or rental of rooms to not more than four people on premises;
      (4)   Living quarters of persons employed on the premises;
      (5)   Fallout shelters;
      (6)   Maintenance of dogs and cats or other household pets, subject to licensing requirements, health regulations and other applicable ordinances of the city;
      (7)   Parking of one commercial motor vehicle of not over three-ton capacity used by the resident occupant, parking of farm implements required in the operation of a farm and parking of passenger cars, but not including the storage of vehicles which are inoperable or for sale or rent;
      (8)   Any accessory building in a R-A zoned area, the following maximum size dimensions are allowed: height of building cannot exceed 30 feet, building door height cannot exceed 16 feet, and the size of building cannot exceed 3,000 square feet, except as follows: floor areas may be increased if separation on all sides of the proposed building are more than 20 feet in width from public ways and yards on all sides of the building and adjoin the entire perimeter, floor areas may be increased at a rate of 5% for each foot by which the minimum exceeds 20 feet. Such increases shall not exceed 50% or 4,500 square feet.
   (I)   Signs:
      (1)   A nameplate sign identifying the owner or occupant of a building or dwelling unit, provided such sign does not exceed two square feet in surface area. Such signs may be illuminated;
      (2)   A sign pertaining to the lease or sale of the building or property, provided such sign does not exceed four square feet in surface area. Such signs shall not be illuminated;
      (3)   Temporary signs identifying an engineer, architect, contractor or product engaged in or used in the construction of a building, provided such signs do not exceed four square feet in surface area and are removed prior to the occupancy of the building. Such signs shall not be illuminated;
      (4)   One identification sign not to exceed 24 square feet in surface area for displaying the name and activities of a church, school, hospital, sanitarium, club, library or similar use. Such signs may be illuminated;
      (5)   Directional, unilluminated signs not exceeding two square feet in surface area displaying directional information for churches, schools, hospitals, sanitariums, clubs, libraries or similar uses, provided that each such use shall be limited to one such sign per thoroughfare approach;
      (6)   Public street identification signs, traffic signs and directional signs in any parking area where such signs are necessary for the orderly movement of traffic;
      (7)   Temporary signs advertising the sale of farm produce, such as vegetables, fruits and the like produced on the premises not exceeding six square feet in area;
      (8)   Other accessory uses customarily incidental to the uses permitted in divisions (A) and (B) of this section.
   (J)   Incorporated and/or injected manure spreading, with the following conditions to be met:
      (1)   A 500-foot setback to a residence or residential area must be maintained, measured from the nearest wall of a residential structure;
      (2)   Manure must be incorporated and injected immediately upon application and applied at agronomic rates; and
      (3)   No surface application of manure is allowed within city limits.
(Ord. 151, passed 1-10-96; Am. Ord. passed 10-8-97; Am. Ord. 2, 2005 Series, passed 5-10-05; Am. Ord. 1, Series 2009, passed 4-14-09; Am. Ord. --, passed 7-14-20)