§ 150.15 DUTY OF OWNER.
   It shall be the duty of the owner, agent, lessor or occupant of every house or other building, except barns, garages or other buildings which are a part of the same property with a numbered house or building, to place on each building its proper street number, such numbers in metal or other form as approved by the City Council, so that the same shall be clearly visible from the sidewalk. The numbers shall be placed on such houses and buildings within 30 days from the time the owner, agent, lessor or occupant is notified, either by mail, publication or telephone, of the assignment of numbers to the houses, as provided in this subchapter. The numbers shall not be less than three inches in height and shall be procured from the City Administrator-Clerk-Treasurer. The cost of the number or numbers shall be paid by the owner, agent, lessor or occupant.
(Ord. 120, passed 11-23-54)