(A)   Codes adopted by reference.  
      The Minnesota State Building Code, as adopted by the Commissioner of Labor and Industry pursuant to M.S. §§ 16B.59 through 16B.75, including all of the amendments, rules and regulations established, adopted and published from time to time by the Minnesota Commissioner of Labor and Industry, through the Building Codes and Standards Unit, is hereby adopted by reference with the exception of the optional chapters, unless specifically adopted herein. The Minnesota State Building Code is hereby incorporated in this section as if fully set out herein.
   (B)   Application, administration and enforcement.  
      (1)   The application, administration and enforcement of the code shall be in accordance with Minnesota State Building Code.
      (2)   The code shall be enforced within the extraterritorial limits permitted by M.S. § 16B.62, Subd. 1, when so established by this section.
      (3)   The code enforcement agency of the city is the Building Official.
      (4)   This code shall be enforced by the Minnesota-certified Building Official designated by the city to administer the code, M.S. § 16B.65, Subd. 1.
   (C)   Permits and fees.  
      (1)   The issuance of permits and the collection of fees shall be as authorized by M.S. § 16B.62, Subd. 1.
      (2)    Permit fees shall be assessed for work governed by this code in accordance with the fee schedule adopted by the City Council.
      (3)   In addition, a surcharge fee shall be collected on all permits issued for work governed by this code in accordance with M.S. § 16B.70.
   (D)   Violations and penalties. A violation of the code is a misdemeanor, M.S. § 16B.69.
   (E)   Building Code optional chapters. This Minnesota State Building Code, established pursuant to M.S. §§ 16B.59 through 16B.75, allows the city to adopt by reference and enforce certain optional chapters of the most current edition of the Minnesota State Building Code.
(Am. Ord. 4, Second Series, passed 7-8-2003; Am. Ord. 9, 2007 Series, passed 8-14-2007) Penalty, see § 10.99