§ 151.062  FINAL PLAT.
   (A)   General. A final plat, neatly drawn in ink or tracing cloth, or equivalent film or medium, and three dark line prints thereof shall be submitted to the office of the City Clerk not less than 14 days, or not less than 30 days if acquired for expeditious subdivision review has been granted before the Planning Commission meeting at which it is to be considered for final approval. At the same time, there shall be submitted two sets of the proposed plans and specifications for all improvements and the proposed restrictions in final form; provided, however, the final plat may be approved subject to later submission of final improvement plans and specifications.
   (B)   Time of submission. The final plat of the proposed subdivision shall be submitted to the Planning Commission and Board of Aldermen for final approval within one year of the date on which the preliminary plat was approved. If not submitted for final approval within such time, the preliminary plat shall be considered as having been disapproved unless the Planning Commission agrees to an extension of time. The final plat shall be filed in the office of the county’s Recorder within 60 days after approval by the Board of Aldermen and review by the Planning Commission or, if not filed within such time, the approval shall be considered as having been voided.
   (C)   Drafting.
      (1)   The record plat shall be prepared by a land surveyor, at any scale from one-inch equals 20 feet to one-inch equals 100 feet in any increment of ten feet from an accurate survey on one or more sheets whose maximum dimensions are 36 inches by 36 inches.
      (2)   In certain unusual instances where the subdivided area is of unusual sizes or shape, the city may permit a variation in the scale or size of the record plat.
      (3)   If more than one sheet is required, a key map on Sheet No. 1 showing the entire subdivision at a reduced scale shall be provided.
   (D)   Contents of the final plat. The final plat shall show:
      (1)   The location and description of all section corners and permanent survey monuments in or near the tract, to at least one of which the subdivision shall be referenced;
      (2)   The length of all required lines dimensioned in feet and decimals thereof, and the value of all required true bearings and angles dimensioned in degrees and minutes, as hereafter specified;
      (3)   The boundary lines of the land being subdivided fully dimensioned by lengths and bearings, and the location of boundary lines of adjoining lands, with adjacent subdivisions identified by official names;
      (4)   The lines of all proposed streets fully dimensioned by lengths and bearings or angles;
      (5)   The lines of all proposed alleys. Where the length and/or direction of an alley is not readily discernible from data given for lot and block lines, the length and/or bearing shall be given;
      (6)   The widths, and names where appropriate, of all proposed streets and alleys, and of all adjacent streets, alleys and easements which shall be properly located;
      (7)   The lines of all proposed lots fully dimensioned by lengths and bearings or angles; except that, where a lot line meets a street line at right angles, the angle or bearing value may be omitted;
      (8)   The outline of any property which is offered for dedication to public use fully dimensioned by lengths and bearings, with the area marked “public”;
      (9)   The blocks numbered consecutively throughout the entire subdivision and the lots numbered consecutively throughout each block with areas to be excluded from platting marked “reserved” or “not a part”;
      (10)   The location of all building lines, setback lines and easements for public services or utilities with dimensions showing their location;
      (11)   The radii, arcs, points of tangency, points of intersection and central angle for curvilinear streets and radii for all property returns;
      (12)   The proper acknowledgments of owners and the consent by the mortgagee to plat restrictions; and
      (13)   Location and description of the subdivision referenced to section, range and township.
   (E)   Planning Commission action.
      (1)   The Planning Commission shall act upon the final plat within 60 days after it has been submitted for final review. This review and the date thereof shall be shown on the plat over the signature of the Planning Commission Chairperson or Secretary member. Unless stipulation for additional time is agreed to by the subdivider, and if no action is taken by the Planning Commission at the end of 60 days after submission, the plat shall be deemed to have been reviewed. A certificate by the City Clerk as to date of Commission to act thereon within such time shall be sufficient in lieu of written endorsement of reviewed.
      (2)   If the final plat is recommended for disapproval, grounds for this recommendation shall be stated in writing, a copy of which shall be transmitted with the original and prints to the applicant. The reasons for disapproval shall refer specifically to those parts of the general plan or ordinance with which the plat does not comply. A copy of this recommendation shall accompany the transmittal of the plat to the Board of Aldermen.
   (F)   Board of Aldermen action. Before recording the final plat, it shall be submitted to the Board of Aldermen for approval and for acceptance of public ways and service and utility easements and land dedicated to public use. This approval of the plat shall be over the signature of the Mayor and attested to by the City Clerk. The disapproval of any plat or plan by the Board of Aldermen shall be deemed a refusal of the proposed dedication, shown thereon.
(2003 Code, § 151.47)  (Ord. 1987-5, passed 9-8-1987)
Statutory reference:
   Related provisions, see RSMo. § 64-050