(A)   A license issued for a peddler, hawker or huckster, whose goods, wares or merchandise are carried in a mobile stand, cart, wagon, automobile or motor truck of any kind, as above set out in the section shall be conspicuously posted upon the vehicle at all times that the vehicle is being used to carry the goods of the peddler, hawker or huckster within the city.
   (B)   The words PEDDLER, HAWKER and HUCKSTER are deemed synonymous and whoever shall deal in the selling of patent or other medicines, goods, wares or merchandise including agricultural and horticultural products, including milk, butter, eggs and cheese by going about from place to place in the city to sell the same shall be deemed a peddler within the meaning of this section.
(2003 Code, § 112.04)  (Ord. 3-13-01, passed 3-13-2001)