§ 156.341  ORGANIZATION.
   Membership of the Board of Zoning Appeals shall be as follows:
   (A)   Number and appointment.
      (1)   Three citizen members appointed by the executive of the Town Council, of whom one must be a member of the Plan Commission and two must not be members of the Plan Commission;
      (2)   One citizen member appointed by the Town Council, who must not be a member of the Plan Commission; and
      (3)   One member appointed by the Plan Commission, who must be a citizen member of the Plan Commission other than the member appointed under division (A)(1) above.
   (B)   Membership terms.
      (1)   When an initial term of office expires, each new appointment is for a term of four years.
      (2)   The members shall initially be appointed for the following terms of office:
         (a)   One for a term of one year;
         (b)   One for a term of two years;
         (c)   One for a term of three years; and
         (d)   Two for a term of four years.
      (3)   Under division (B)(2) above, each term expires on the first Monday of January of the first, second, third, or fourth year, respectively, after the year of the member’s appointment.
(Ord. 23, § 4.20.30, passed 3-19-1997)