(A)   The town hereby adopts the political sign regulations.
   (B)   The enforcement of this section can be by any town official or his or her agent.
   (C)   Political signs shall be permitted to be placed on premises 30 days prior to a primary or general election and shall be removed within three days after that primary or general election.  Political banners are subject to the same time limitations as political signs.
   (D)   Political campaign signs announcing the candidates seeking public offices and other data pertinent thereto, up to a total area of eight square feet for each premises, will not be required to obtain a permit.  All signs larger than eight square feet will be required to obtain a permit.  Signs of this nature shall not exceed 32 square feet in size, nor eight feet in height.  These signs shall be confined within private property and not within the street right-of-way and shall be removed within three days after the election for which they apply.  No signs shall be attached to utility poles, trees, or any public or private sign standards.
(Ord. 86, passed 11-21-2000; Am. Ord. 2003-109A, passed 10-8-2004)  Penalty, see § 156.999