The following certificates are presented in general form and may be amended only by the Commission or Commission Attorney as circumstances may warrant.
   (A)   Plan Commission certificate.
   Under authority provided by Indiana Code 36-7-4 et seq., enacted by the General Assembly of Indiana, and Ordinance adopted by the Town Council of the Town of Winfield, this plat was given approval by the Town as follows:
Approved by the Winfield Plan Commission at a meeting held on _________________________.
Winfield Plan Commission
   (B)   Land surveyor’s certificate.
   I, ______________________________ (name), hereby certify that I am a Professional Engineer (or a Land Surveyor), licensed in compliance with the laws of the state; that this plat correctly represents a survey completed by me on _________________________(date); that all monuments shown thereon actually exist; and that their location, size, type, and material are accurately shown.
   (C)   Deed of dedication.
   We, the undersigned, _____________________(names), owners of real estate shown and described herein, do hereby certify that we have laid off, platted, and subdivided, and do hereby lay off, plat, and subdivide real estate in accordance with the within plat.  This subdivision shall be known and designated as ______________________(name).  All streets, alleys, parks, and other public lands shown and not heretofore dedicated, are hereby established as shown on this plat, between which lines and the property lines of the street, there shall be erected or maintained no building structure.
WITNESS OUR HANDS AND SEALS THIS ________ DAY OF _____________________________.
   Before me, the undersigned Notary Public in and for the County of Lake, State of Indiana, appeared _____________________ (names), and each separately and severally acknowledged the execution of the foregoing instrument as his or her voluntary act and deed, for the purpose therein expressed.
Witness my hand and Notarial Seal this ________ day of __________________________.
Notary Public
   (D)   Utility easement.
   An easement is hereby granted to the Town of Winfield, all public utility companies including Ameritech and Northern Indiana Public Service Company severally, and private utility companies where they have a Certificate of Territorial Authority or a legal franchise with the Town of Winfield to render service, and their respective successors and assigns, to install, place, and maintain sewers, water mains, gas mains, conduits, cables, poles, and wires - either overhead or underground - with all necessary braces, guys, anchors, and other appliances and appurtenances, in, upon, along, and over the strips of land designated on the plat and marked Utility Easement for the purpose of serving the public in general with sewer, water, drainage, gas, electric, and telephone service, including the right to use the streets where necessary, and to overland lots with aerial service wires to service adjacent lots, together with the right to enter upon the said easements for public utilities at all times for any and all purposes aforesaid and to trim and keep trimmed any trees, shrubs, or saplings that interfere with any such utility equipment.  No permanent buildings shall be placed on said easement, but same may be used for gardens, shrub, landscaping, and other purposes that do not interfere with the use of said easement for such public utility purposes.
(Ord. 27, Appendix, passed 4-16-1997)