(A)   Except as otherwise provided in this chapter, any contractor who conducts business in the town must meet the following requirements.
      (1)   Pass a test in their respective trade from any Lake County, Indiana governmental unit, as proof of licensure in their trade, unless such testing for that trade is not provided by any Lake County, Indiana governmental unit;
      (2)   Complete an application for and obtain registration with the town following licensure and passing a test in their respective trade as discussed in division (A)(1) above; and
      (3)   Must have a valid, active status registration on file at the Town Office prior to commencement of any work within the town.
   (B)   Work performed by contractors requiring registration shall include, but not be limited to, any of the following activities or professions:
      (1)   General contractors;
      (2)   Installing septic systems;
      (3)   Electricians;
      (4)   HVAC contractors;
      (5)   Drywall contractors;
      (6)   Roofing contractors;
      (7)   Concrete (poured) contractors;
      (8)   Steel fabricators and erectors;
      (9)   Insulation contractors;
      (10)   Installing drainage tile and conduits or storm drains;
      (11)   Plumbers;
      (12)   Excavators;
      (13)   Landscaping and landscaping maintenance;
      (14)   Pavement contractors;
      (15)   Masonry contractors;
      (16)   Carpentry;
      (17)   Crane operators (other than excavating);
      (18)   Well diggers; and
      (19)   Other construction-related specialties.
(Ord. 25A, passed 5-16-2000)
   (C)   Except as set forth in division (E) below, no person, firm, corporation, business trust, or any combination of these shall furnish any labor or supervision in the town unless and until that person, firm, corporation, business trust, or any combination, shall have passed a test in their specific trade from any Lake County, Indiana, governmental unit, unless no test exists for that trade, and be registered with the town, and meet all the requirements in the manner provided by the town. These requirements include, but are not limited to, the taking of any contracts or any agreement, written or oral, when engaged in the business of or holding out to the public as engaged in the business of installing or repairing electric, plumbing or sanitation installation, wires, pipes, conductors, or fixtures, or any carpentry, masonry, concrete, sheet metal, or other sheet goods, plaster or drywall material, earthmoving or grading, or heating, air condition, or ventilation equipment.
   (D)   The provisions and requirements of this chapter shall not apply to those contractors who have already registered with the town for the 2013 calendar year, on or prior to March 26, 2013. This exception shall only be applicable for the duration of 2013 calendar year. All contractors, regardless of the last date of registration with the town, shall meet the requirements pursuant to this section, beginning January 1, 2014.
   (E)   A homeowner who provides public record verification of ownership in the subject parcel of real estate upon which construction, alteration, repairs or making of other location (property) improvements are intended to be made to structures on said real estate may construct, alter, repair or make any other location (property) improvements on said real estate in the event said homeowner is not licensed or registered with the town, but only upon compliance with the following conditions and requirements, namely:
      (1)   The homeowner, at the time of permit issuance, shall attest by affidavit that the homeowner is the property owner, and is to perform the work. This affidavit document shall be recorded at the expense of the homeowner for this information to be available during any title search, and shall run with the land.
      (2)   In the event that the homeowner is subcontracting any portion of the work, the homeowner must apply as the general contractor, any subcontractor(s) engaged or employed shall be licensed and registered with the town, and their names shall be provided to the Building Department at the time of permit application.
      (3)   In lieu of providing the names of licensed or registered contractors for any work on the property of the homeowner, the homeowner shall be required to prove by objective and verifiable documentation that the trade in question is one in which they work in a current or former occupation, and/or answer basic questions relative to code requirements indicating the owner has sufficient knowledge to properly complete the work, except as set forth hereinafter:
         (a)   Permits that include plumbing work will only be issued when a registered plumbing contractor with the town and licensed through the State of Indiana is listed on the permit application;
         (b)   Permits that include the installation or alteration of electrical services or mechanical (heating/air conditioning) will only be issued when a licensed or registered contractor with the town is listed on the permit application.
      (4)   The homeowner is responsible for the submission of appropriate building permit application documents and information, and shall be required to pay all permit, inspection, and re-inspection fees, as any work undertaken and completed will be inspected.
      (5)   When a homeowner is acting as a general contractor, the homeowner must show and provide proof of homeowner's insurance that covers the safety of anybody working with him/her that is not a licensed or registered contractor on the site.
      (6)   A homeowner is only permitted to construct one new single-family home every five years under the homeowner's exception rule set forth herein.
      (7)   The homeowner must be onsite when work is being performed by anybody other than a licensed or registered subcontractor.
      (8)   The homeowner shall comply with all other requirements for construction, alteration, and making of repairs and/or other location (property) improvements in the town as set forth in town rules, regulations and ordinances, as well as under the adopted Building and related Codes and Regulations of the State of Indiana, all as amended from time to time.
(Ord. 25B, passed 6-19-2001; Am. Ord. 217, passed 4-23-2013; Am. Ord. 217-A, passed 6-23-2015)  Penalty, see § 10.99