The following shall be the order of business at all regular meetings of the Town Council:
   (A)   At the hour appointed for the meeting the President shall call the meeting to order.  If the President is not present at a meeting, the Council shall proceed to elect from among its members a President Pro Tem to preside as chairperson of the meeting;
   (B)   The President of the Town Council shall lead the Council and the public in the recital of the Pledge of Allegiance;
   (C)   Before proceeding with the business of the Council, the Clerk-Treasurer shall call the roll of the members and the names of those present shall be entered in the minutes;
   (D)   The minutes of the previous meeting or minutes of the meeting of the Council not previously presented and the approval and/or amendment of the same;
   (E)   The Treasurer’s report;
   (F)   The presentation, approval, and signing of all bills and claims, if any;
   (G)   The presentation of petitions, communications, and remonstrances;
   (H)   Correspondence;
   (I)   Reports of standing committees, if any;
   (J)   Reports of special committees, if any;
   (K)   Submission of ordinances and resolutions;
   (L)   Unfinished or deferred business;
   (M)   New business;
   (N)   Announcements;
   (O)   Additions to the agenda.  Matters of unusual importance or of an emergency nature may be added to the agenda at any time by the presiding officer or a Council member with the consent of a majority of all the members of the Town Council; and
   (P)   Adjournment.
(Ord. 2, passed 12-15-1994)