(a)   On or before April 1, 1980, every owner of fifty or more rental units located in one or more buildings in the Village of Windham shall file with the Fair Housing Board a written report providing information set forth in the following paragraphs for the three month period beginning with April 1, 1980, and for each three month period thereafter, every such owner shall file with the Board, within thirty days after the end of the three month period an additional written report.
   (b)   The owner of the units or his authorized agent, shall on a form to be supplied by the Board on request, and which shall contain the following information:
      (1)   The name and address of each building, the name and address of the managing agent, the name and address of the resident custodian, the total number of units in each building (excluding units rented or available for rent only to employees of the owner or of a managing agent), the approximate rental range for a one-, two-, and three-bedroom apartment (if the building contains such a unit) and the number of units occupied on the last day of the three month period (or, for the initial report) by one or more minority persons.
      (2)   The total number of applicants for rental units in each building during the three month period, and the number of such applicants who were minority persons.  For the purpose hereof, an applicant means a person who personally appears before the owner or a managing agent, for the purpose of renting a unit, whether or not such person submits a written application.
      (3)   The total number of units in each building which were rented during the period, and the number of such units which were rented to one or more minority persons.  For purposes hereof, a unit is rented during the period if during the period it becomes occupied by a new tenant who had not previously resided in the building.
      (4)   Report forms supplied by the Board shall include a request for voluntary information concerning minority employment practices of the owner or agent signing the report and concerning advertising by the owner or agent in media directed primarily to minority persons.
         (Ord. 1158.  Passed 10-9-79.)