The fee for collection and disposal of refuse placed for collection at ground level, and not more than ten feet (10') distance from the side of the street or alley from which collection is made, shall be as follows;
   (a)   For a single family house, five dollars ($5.00) per month;
   (b)   For dwellings of two units or more, five dollars ($5.00) per month per family.  However, where the owner assumes the responsibility for the disposal of refuse he may elect to pay the fees in subsection (c) hereof;
   (c)   For hotels, restaurants and other businesses and institutions and for dwellings of two or more units electing to come within this subsection, the fees shall be based upon the average amount of refuse material and the frequency of collection, and shall be fixed by the parties provided that in the event the parties are not able to agree, the same will be fixed by the Village.
      (Ord. 1254.  Passed 6-11-85.)