(a)   Garbage, ashes and rubbish shall be placed and maintained in separate containers.
   (b)   All garbage before being placed in garbage cans for collection shall have drained from it all liquids and may be wrapped in paper.
   (c)   All rubbish shall be drained of liquid before being deposited for collection.
   (d)   All cans and bottles which have contained food shall thoroughly be rinsed before being deposited for collection.  Excessive amounts of broken glass shall be placed in metal or plastic containers only and marked “broken glass”.
   (e)   Tree trimmings, hedge clippings and similar material shall be cut to not more than three feet long and securely tied in bundles of not more than two feet thick before being deposited for collection.
   (f)   Refuse containers shall be provided by the owner, tenant, lessee or occupant of the premises.  Any refuse containers shall be maintained in good condition.  Any container that does not conform to the provisions of this chapter or that may have ragged or sharp edges or any other defects liable to hamper or injure the person collecting the contents thereof shall be promptly replaced upon notice.  The hauler shall have the authority to refuse collection services for failure to comply herewith. 
(Ord. 983.  Passed 5-21-73.)