For the purpose of this chapter, the town has the legal authority to:
   (A)   Develop and enforce specific limits on prohibited substances;
   (B)   Enter the premises of any industrial user to conduct inspections, surveillance, record review, and/or monitoring, as necessary to determine compliance with this chapter and, if applicable, any effective industrial wastewater pretreatment permit;
   (C)   Accept or deny any new or increased discharges from any indirect discharger;
   (D)   Immediately halt or prevent any discharge of pollutants to the POTW which reasonably appears to present an imminent endangerment to the health or welfare of the public, the environment, and/or which threatens to interfere with the operation of the POTW;
   (E)   Require compliance with all applicable pretreatment standards and requirements by indirect dischargers;
   (F)   Impose fees, if necessary, to offset the cost incurred by the permittee for administering the pretreatment program requirements established in Part III of NPDES Permit # IN0020516;
   (g)   Impose, as a maximum fine, at least $1,000 per day, per violation, in accordance with 40 CFR 403.8(f)(1)(vi)(A) and impose maximum fines up to $2,500 per day, per violation for a first violation and up to $7,500 per violation per day for subsequent violations in accordance with I.C. 36-1-3-8(a)(10)(B).
(Ord. 16 of 2007, passed 12-10-2007)