(A)   Connection and disconnection requirements.
      (1)   Disconnection. A current user of the utilities may request from the town, in writing, a temporary disconnection from the applicable utility system by means of a petition. The petition shall include:
         (a)   The reason for the disconnection;
         (b)   The duration of the desired disconnection; and
         (c)   Funds in the amount of $25 for the requested disconnection.
      (2)   The town reserves the right, in its sole and absolute discretion, to grant or deny said petition. Should the town deny such request, the Petitioner shall have their petition funds returned.
      (3)   Reconnection. At the expiration of the disconnection period listed in the petition, user will be responsible for contacting the town to reconnect to the applicable system. A user who had previously disconnected from the applicable utility system under division (A)(1) of this section, who desires to reconnect to said system before the expiration of the disconnect period listed in the Petition, may request a reconnection at any time prior to such expiration. User will be responsible for the $25 reconnection fee, whether requested during the disconnection period, or at the expiration of the period listed in the petition.
      (4)   Reasonableness of fee. In accordance with I.C. 8-1.5-3-8, the required $25 fees are a reasonable calculation of the required maintenance, repair and operating expenses associated with the disconnection and reconnection from the utilities.
(Ord. 3 of 2016, passed 3-14-2016)