§ 97.02  BARKING DOGS.
   (A)   No person shall allow the barking, yelping, whining, or howling of a dog repeatedly for a period of more than five consecutive minutes.
   (B)   A law enforcement officer, or any person summoned and directed to assist said officer, shall notify the owner, owner’s agent or person in charge of the dog to abate the nuisance, if the owner, agent or person in charge can be reasonably located.
   (C)   A person who permits a violation to continue after notice as specified in division (B) above, shall be issued a citation for such violation.
   (D)   This subchapter does not apply to a law enforcement animals as defined by I.C. 35-46-3-4.5.
(Ord. 1 of 2009, passed 2-9-2009)