The inspector or officer of the Village taking such samples as are provided for in this chapter shall, in case of bulk or broken package goods, upon request of the dealer, divide the same into two (2) equal parts, as nearly as may be, and in case of sealed and unbroken packages, he shall select two (2) of said packages, which two (2) said packages shall constitute the sample taken, and to properly identify the same, he shall, in the presence of the person from whom the same is taken, mark or seal each half or part or package of such sample with a paper seal or otherwise and shall write his name on each part of said sample and also write thereon the date and name of the dealer in whose place of business the sample is found, and at the same time shall give notice to the person from whom said sample was taken, that said sample was obtained for the purpose of chemical examination. One part of said sample shall be taken by the person so procuring the same to an analytical chemist or other competent person appointed for the purpose of making examination or analysis of samples so taken. The person taking such sample shall pay or tender to the person from whom it is taken the value of that part thereof so retained; the other part of said sample shall be delivered to the person from whom said sample is taken. (Ord. 61-O-44, 1961; amd. Ord. 84-O-30, 6-25-1984)