(A)   Authority To Impound: Every dangerous or abandoned animal and every unrestrained dog or cat shall be taken by the Willowbrook Police Department to the Hinsdale Animal Shelter. Authorized personnel at the animal shelter shall keep a record of every such animal so impounded, including the species, breed, color, and sex; and the owner's name and address, if available; whether, if a dog or cat, the animal is licensed; and any other available information about such animal.
   (B)   Notice Of Impoundment: Immediately after impoundment, the Willowbrook Police Department shall notify the owner of the impounded animal, if known, of such impoundment by telephone or, if notice by telephone is not immediate, by written notice. Such notice shall inform owner of the manner by which the owner may regain custody of the impounded animal. (Ord. 87-O-48, 11-23-1987)
   (C)   Redemption: The owner of an impounded animal may redeem such animal by presenting to the Hinsdale Animal Shelter satisfactory proof of ownership and, if the impounded animal is a dog or cat, valid proof of rabies inoculation, and by paying the impoundment fee established in section 5-2-17 of this chapter and the actual costs incurred by the Hinsdale Animal Shelter in holding and treating such animal. No dog or cat shall be redeemed unless it has been vaccinated and licensed, at its owner's expense, pursuant to the provisions of this chapter. (Ord. 95-O-16, 11-13-1995)
   (D)   Disposal Of Unredeemed Animals: Every impounded animal not claimed by the owner within five (5) days after impoundment may thereafter be made available for adoption or may be disposed of in a humane manner established by the Hinsdale Humane Society. (Ord. 88-O-01, 1-11-1988)