All words and phrases defined in an Act entitled "An Act Relating to Alcoholic Liquors" approved January 31, 1934, as amended from time to time, as set forth generally in 235 Illinois Compiled Statutes 5/1-1 et seq., are hereby incorporated and made a part of this chapter. Unless the context otherwise requires, the following, as used in this chapter, shall be construed as follows:
HOMEOWNERS' ASSOCIATION: The association of all the unit owners, acting pursuant to adopted bylaws through its duly elected board of directors or managers inclusive, but not limited to, a homeowners' association duly organized and registered as a not for profit corporation pursuant to the laws of the State of Illinois.
LIQUOR CONTROL ACT: The provisions of "An Act Relating to Alcoholic Liquors", approved January 31, 1934, as amended, and as set forth in 235 Illinois Compiled Statutes 5/1-1 et seq.
MOTEL OR HOTEL: Every building or other structure kept, used, maintained, advertised and held out to the public to be a place where food is actually served and consumed and sleeping accommodations are offered for adequate pay to travelers and guests, whether transient, permanent or residential, in which twenty five (25) or more rooms are used for sleeping accommodations of such guests and having one or more public dining rooms where meals are served to such guests, such sleeping accommodations and dining rooms being conducted in the same building or buildings in connection therewith and such building or buildings, structure or structures being provided with adequate and sanitary kitchen and dining room equipment and capacity.
RESTAURANT: A retail establishment that is kept, used, maintained, advertised, and held out to the public as a place where meals are cooked and prepared in an adequate and sanitary kitchen located on the licensed premises using stoves, ovens, fryers, and related equipment located on the licensed premises and which are protected by a fire protection system that conforms with the Village Code. The sale of packaged food such as potato chips, pretzels, popcorn, peanuts, or other similar snacks or frozen packaged food shall not be considered food prepared and served on premises, as required herein.
RETAIL FLOOR AREA: The floor area of a building devoted to the display of goods for sale, the performance of consumer services with the consumer being present, or the circulation and accommodation of consumers. Retail floor area shall not include areas devoted to storage, warehousing, parking or kitchen facilities.
RETAIL SALE: The term "sale" or "retail sale" shall include not only the disposition for money, but shall include trade, barter, giving away or other disposition of alcoholic liquor, with or without consideration. (Ord. 99-O-26, 10-25-1999; amd. Ord. 14-O-17, 3-24-2014; amd. Ord. 19-0-33, 11-25-2019)