The Building Inspector shall register horses or cows when all of the following conditions are found to exist:
   (a)    For the keeping and raising of one horse or one cow, the real property upon which such horse or cow is to be raised or kept shall have a minimum of two acres; provided, however, that two horses or two cows may be raised or kept on two acres of real property; for each additional horse or cow an additional 10,000 square feet of real property is required. However, in no event shall a permit be issued for more than five horses or five cows to any one person except that the above formula shall not apply to any parcel over five acres.
   (b)    A stable shall be required for the keeping, lodging or feeding of horses or cows and such stable shall be located not less than one hundred fifty feet from any residential structure.
   (c)    The Board of Building and Zoning Appeals may grant a variance in the application of this chapter provided that such proposed use or variance would not be detrimental to the neighboring properties and where the denial of such use or variance would cause an undue hardship.
   (d)    Adequate fencing has been provided so as to keep the subject horse or cow securely confined. Such fencing shall be located not less than five feet from the property lines of the property upon which the horse or cow is to be raised or kept.
   (e)    All stables, yards and corrals where horses or cows are kept shall be maintained in a sanitary condition and shall be kept clean and in good repair so as to prevent the breeding of flies and the omission of deleterious or offensive odors. The issuance of a building permit for such stables, yards and corrals shall be subject to a written agreement attached as Exhibit A to original ordinance 1970-24; provided further that a permit for any stables, yards or corrals shall not be issued to any real property where an inhabited residential structure does not exist.
      (Ord. 1970-24.  Passed 7-9-70.)