5.61  Composition.  In January, 1975, and at least once every eight (8) years thereafter, there shall be a Charter Review Commission which shall consist of nine (9) electors appointed by the Mayor with the approval of a majority of Council, five (5) of whom shall not have held elected public office within the City of Willoughby Hills during the five (5) years preceding their appointment.  The Commission shall serve until the next succeeding November general election.
(Amended 11-3-15)
   5.62  Duties and Responsibilities.  The Commission shall be responsible for reviewing the Charter and to that end shall have power and be required to:
Consider the recommendation of any office, department or agency of the Municipality for changes in the Charter;
Hold public hearings to consider the recommendations of any elector for changes in the Charter;
Make such investigations as it deems necessary on the basis of these recommendations or its own determinations;
Draft and submit to Council not later than August 1, following its appointment, such amendments to the Charter as are desirable in the judgment of the Commission;
   Upon receipt of such amendments, Council shall forthwith submit them without alteration to the electors at the next succeeding November election in the manner prescribed in the Constitution of the State of Ohio.  (Amended 11-6-90; 11-3-15)