5.21  Composition.  The Planning and Zoning Commission of this Municipality shall serve as the Architectural Board of Review.
   5.22  Employment of Architect Consultants. The Architectural Board of Review shall have the authority to employ one or more architect consultants to assist it in its deliberations.  Each architect consultant shall receive a fee to be determined by Council.
   Each architect consultant shall be an architect duly registered and authorized to practice architecture in and under the laws of the State of Ohio.
   5.23  Purposes of the Board.  The purposes of the Architectural Board of Review are to protect the value, appearance and use of property on which buildings are constructed or altered, to maintain a high character of community development, to protect the public health, safety, convenience and welfare and to protect real estate within the Municipality from impairment or destruction of value.  Such purposes shall be accomplished by the Board by regulating, according to accepted and recognized architectural principles, the design, use of materials, finished grade lines, dimensions, orientation and location of all main and accessory buildings to be erected, moved, altered, remodeled or repaired, subject to the provisions of the zoning and building codes and other applicable ordinances of the Municipality.  In reviewing, regulating and approving building plans the Board shall consider and take cognizance of the development of adjacent, contiguous and neighboring buildings and properties for the purpose of achieving safe, harmonious and integrated development of related properties.
   5.24  Review of Plans and Specifications.  No person shall construct, alter or relocate any building or erect any structure without first submitting detailed plans and specifications including representations of exterior appearance, to the Architectural Board of Review at the time of filing an application for a building permit.
   At the next regular meeting, not more than thirty (30) days after filing, the Board shall review and pass upon all drawings, data, reports and complaints filed with the Building Inspector, for the purposes set forth in this section. No plans shall be approved without the affirmative vote of a majority of the entire Board.  The Board shall immediately notify the Building Inspector in writing of action taken in each instance, and no permit shall be issued by the Building Inspector unless plans and specifications thereof have been approved in writing by the Architectural Board of Review.  All rejections of plans or specifications shall contain a written statement containing the reason or reasons for rejection.
   5.25  Finality of Decisions.  Decisions of Architectural Board of Review may be appealed to Council within twenty (20) days after announced, and the decision of the Council shall be final within the Municipality, except that an appeal therefrom may be taken to any court of record in accordance with the laws of the State of Ohio by any proper and interested party including the Municipality.