2.21  Appointments to Office and Removals from Office.  The Mayor shall appoint the heads of all Departments of the Municipality, including but not limited to the Department of Law, Department of Finance, Department of Public Safety, Police Department, Fire Department, Department of Public Service, the City Engineer, the Road Supervisor,  Recreation Coordinator, City Prosecutor and Building Commissioner, subject to confirmation of such appointment by an affirmative vote of four (4) or more members of Council (unless the Mayor is appointing himself as the head of such Department as provided below where such confirmation shall not be applicable).  The Mayor shall have the sole authority to hire, supervise and fire all other employees to whom he may appoint a successor unless otherwise provided by this Charter.
     Subject to the provision of Sub-Section 9.43  which shall control with respect to removal of the Police Chief or Fire Chief, any department head appointed by the Mayor (other than the Mayor when the Mayor holds such position as provided below) may be removed from office either by an affirmative vote of five (5) or more members of Council or by the Mayor with an affirmative vote of four (4) or more members of Council.  Any department head so removed from office shall not be eligible for appointment to the vacancy thereby created.  The Mayor may also serve  as director of one or both of the following departments without Council confirmation: Department of Public Safety and Department of Public Service.  Council shall provide additional compensation to the Mayor for such service.  (Amended 11-4-08; 11-2-21)
   2.22   Council Meetings.   The Mayor may attend all Council meetings and shall be entitled to a seat with the Council.  The Mayor shall not have a vote, but shall have the right to introduce ordinances and resolutions and take part in the discussion of all matters coming before the Council.  When requested by the Council, the head of any Municipal department shall attend the meetings of the Council and at such time answer questions put to them by any Council member relative to the affairs of the Municipality under their respective management and control.  (Amended 11-4-08)
   2.23   Veto Power.   Every ordinance or resolution of Council shall be presented to the Mayor for approval.  If the Mayor approves such ordinance or resolution, the Mayor shall sign it and return it forthwith to the Council.  If the Mayor does not approve it, the Mayor shall return it to Council within fifteen (15) days or prior to the next regular Council meeting, whichever comes first, noting his or her objections in writing.  These objections shall be noted in the Council’s journal.  In the case of ordinances appropriating money, the Mayor may approve or disapprove of them in the whole or part.  If an ordinance or resolution is not returned to Council by the Mayor as noted herein, it shall take effect in the same manner as if the Mayor had signed it. 
   The Mayor’s veto of any ordinance or resolution can be set aside by the affirmative vote of five (5) or more members of Council after due consideration of the Mayor’s objections.  It shall then take effect as if signed by the Mayor.  (Amended 11-4-08)
   2.24  Annual Budget.  Not less than sixty (60) days prior to the time fixed by general law for the certifying of the budget of the Municipality to the County Budget Commission or similar officials, the Mayor shall submit to the Council an annual budget covering the estimated needs of the Municipality for the next succeeding fiscal year which shall be compiled from information which shall be furnished by each office, department and agency in such form and detail and at such time as the Mayor shall require.
   Such annual budget shall set forth specifically such items as may be required by general law or by ordinance of Council and the Council shall thereupon adopt such budget by ordinance, with or without amendment, and submit same to the County Budget Commission or similar officials.  (Amended 11-2-21)
   2.25  Budget Message.  Together with the budget, the Mayor shall submit an explanatory budget message which shall contain an outline of any proposed changes in operating or financial policy, and an explanation of changes in expected costs or revenues, and a statement of pending permanent improvements and proposed new capital projects for the next succeeding year.
   He shall also include in the message a capital program of proposed permanent improvements for the three (3) years following the budget year, together with his comments and any cost estimates prepared under his direction on such improvements.
   2.26  Annual Appropriation.  Within ten (10) days after the receipt of a Certificate of Resources from the County Auditor or from the beginning of the fiscal year, whichever shall occur last, the Mayor shall submit to Council an appropriation ordinance for the current fiscal year based on the budget previously submitted, together with a complete report on the finances and administrative activities of the Municipality for the preceding year.
   The Council shall adopt such ordinance, with or without amendment, within ninety (90) days of its submission, and may make one or more preliminary appropriations for current expenses until the annual appropriation ordinance is in effect.
   2.27  Salary Recommendations.  Though Council has the power to fix salaries as defined in Section 3.32 , the Mayor shall have the duty and responsibility to recommend to Council the amount of pay for various positions and shall also have the responsibility to review existing pay scales.