(a)   On and after 1-1-2006, any person selling an admission to any amusement within the city shall, before selling an admission, file with the City Treasurer an application for an amusement admission permit.
   (b)   If any person desires to sell an admission to any amusement and cannot file the application as set forth in subsection (a) hereof because the Treasurer’s office is closed, such person may proceed to sell such admission; provided that:
      (1)   He or she gives notice of his intention and the exact physical location of the amusement to the office answering the Police Bureau telephone or the office in charge at the desk of the Police Headquarters in City Hall;
      (2)   He or she does not commence to sell admission to the amusement until the elapse of one-half hour after receipt of such notice by the Police Bureau; and
      (3)   He or she makes application for the proper amusement admission permit with the Treasurer during the following business day.
   (c)   Every application for such permit shall be made upon a form prescribed, prepared and furnished by the Treasurer and shall set forth the name under which the applicant conducts or intends to conduct the selling of an admission to any amusement, the location of the amusement covered by the application and such other information as the Treasurer may require. If the applicant conducts or intends to conduct the sale of admissions to any amusement at more than one location within the city, a separate application shall be filed for each such location. The application shall be signed by the applicant, or applicants, if an individual, and in the case of an association or partnership, by a member or partner thereof and, in the case of a corporation, by an officer thereof.
   (d)   Upon the issuance of every amusement permit, as provided for herein, the Treasurer or her authorized agent shall provide to the person selling an admission a label as evidence of payment. Such label shall indicate the year for which the tax payment is made. It shall be the duty of each person selling an admission to conspicuously post such label within such premises. In the case of loss, defacement or destruction of any label, the person to whom the label was issued shall, within the next business day, apply to the Director for a new label, who shall issue the same upon payment of a $5 fee for the duplicate label.
(Ord. 4206, approved 12-7-1967; Ord. 5190, approved 12-21-1982; Ord. 6014, approved 12-8-2002)