(A)   The City Manager has the authority and the responsibility to prepare and implement the foregoing policies of the city in the form of rules and/or regulations.
   (B)   The City Manager shall effect the preparation of the rules and/or regulations embodying the employer-employee policies of the city.
   (C)   The rules and/or regulations resulting from the preparation efforts of the City Manager will be reviewed and subject to approval by an Employment Policy Review Committee. Prior to being published and implemented the Mayor and the City Council must render final approval.
   (D)   The Employment Policy Review Committee shall be comprised of six members:
      (1)   A member of the City Council;
      (2)   The City Attorney;
      (3)   The City Manager;
      (4)   The Director of Personnel;
      (5)   The Finance Director; and
      (6)   One employee chosen from the employee base at large.
(Prior Code, § 9-1.06) (Ord. 850, passed - -2006)