If, at the expiration of ten days from the sending or service of the said notice, the owner or occupant or both have failed or refused to comply with said notice, the Council shall then order the Superintendent of Streets to do the said work at the expense of the owner and occupant of the said property, and the owner and occupant (if any) shall be jointly and severally liable for all expenses or costs incurred by the city in the removal or repair. If the claim of expenses or costs are not paid within 30 days from demand the notice and claim shall be recorded in the office of the County Recorder and when recorded in such office shall become a lien upon the property described therein, which lien may be foreclosed by the city in any manner authorized under the laws of the state. The city shall be authorized to take other action in addition to or in lieu of the foregoing that may be authorized by the laws of the state.
(Prior Code, § 8-8.08)