For the purpose of this subchapter, the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.
   BUSINESS DAY. Any day not a Sunday or a national holiday.
   BUSINESS HOURS. The hours between 8:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. on any business day.
   DIRECTOR OF PUBLIC WORKS. The Director of Public Works or, in his or her absence, his or her duly designated and acting representative.
   PERSON. Any individual, partnership, corporation, joint stock company, syndicate or other entity.
   ROADWAY. The portion, of a street or highway improved, designed or ordinarily used for vehicular travel, exclusive of the berm or shoulder.
   SIDEWALK. The portion of a street between the curb lines, or the lateral lines of a roadway, and the adjacent property lines intended for the use of pedestrians.
   STREET or HIGHWAY. The entire width between the boundary lines of every way publicly maintained when any part thereof is open to the use of the public for purposes of vehicular travel.
(Prior Code, § 8-7.01) (Ord. 766, passed - -1997)