(A)   In any case where a provision of this subchapter is found to be in conflict with a provision of any Zoning, Building, Fire, Safety or Health Ordinance or Code of the city existing on the effective date of the ordinance codified in this subchapter, the provision which establishes the higher standard for the promotion and protection of the health and safety of the people shall prevail.
   (B)   It is not intended by this subchapter to repeal, abrogate, annul or in any way impair or interfere with existing provisions of other laws or ordinances, except those specifically repealed by this subchapter, or with private restrictions placed upon the property by covenant, deed or other private agreement.
   (C)   In cases where two or more provisions of this subchapter are in conflict or any other chapter of this code of ordinances, the most stringent or restrictive shall prevail.
(Prior Code, § 6-8.39) (Ord. 791, passed - -1999)