(A)   Unscreened exterior areas may be inspected at any time with or without the involvement of the owner or occupant in accordance with legal requirements governing administrative inspections of private property.
   (B)   Screened exterior areas shall be inspected only during the normal business hours of the city unless otherwise arranged, and only upon invitation or with the concurrence of the occupant, or owner or agent for the owner when the premises are unoccupied, or when ordered by a Court when probable cause exists to believe that conditions may be detrimental to health, safety, economic or general welfare of the public.
   (C)   Except in cases of alleged imminent hazard, if the occupant is not the owner of the premises to be inspected, the City Manager or designee shall provide notice in writing or by telephone to the owner or agent of the owner as to the date and time of inspection. The owner or agent may be present for the inspection if the occupant concurs. The inability to contact the owner or owner’s agent, or the convenience of the owner or agent shall not require the rescheduling of the inspection.
(Prior Code, § 6-8.10) (Ord. 791, passed - -1999)