§ 91.08 LAND.
   (A)   All land shall be maintained free from any accumulation of garbage, litter, debris, blight or deterioration.
   (B)   All land shall be kept free of attractive nuisances.
   (C)   All land shall be kept free of poison oak, poison ivy, any noxious or toxic weeds, uncultivated or overgrown plants; any dry or dead vegetation or grass greater than 12 inches in height. Any land that is zoned as Rural Residential (RR) or Agriculture Residential (AR) is exempt from the requirement that dry or dead vegetation or grass be less than 12 inches in height. Property that is zoned as Rural Residential (RR) or Agriculture Residential (AR) shall maintain the vegetation or grass at a height that is consistent with the aesthetics of the adjacent parcels of land.
   (D)   All land shall be kept free of conditions which constitute or are likely to constitute a fire hazard, or would adversely affect the health or safety of adjacent property owners or occupants of those properties, or would depreciate adjacent property values.
   (E)   All land shall be kept free of overgrown vegetation that interferes with or obstructs or renders dangerous the free passage or use of sidewalks, roadways, streets, public rights-of-way or easements; or obstructs or blocks the vision of drivers and their ability to observe traffic-control devices or signs.
   (F)   All land shall be kept free of noxious or objectionable stench or odors.
   (G)   All land shall be kept free from insect and rodent infestation and noxious pests or conditions which cause the property to harbor insects, rodents or noxious pests.
   (H)   All pools, spas and other bodies of water shall be properly maintained so as not to create a safety hazard, harbor insect infestation, be polluted, become stagnant, deteriorated or blighted.
   (I)   All land shall be maintained so as to prevent the accumulation of stagnant water where such water causes a hazardous or unhealthy condition, breeding area for insects or erosion of foundation walls.
   (J)   Any business that sells new or used tires and which chooses to store any tires outside the exterior of a building shall place those tires in a storage area no larger than ten feet by ten feet in dimension, or 100 square feet of total area, and the storage area shall be enclosed with a six-foot tall fence. The fencing shall be constructed in such a way that the tires are not visible from the exterior of the property. Tires may not be stacked or stored higher than the top of the fence. Any point on the exterior storage area shall not be located any less than ten feet from the property line or any building on the property because of the potential fire hazard for tires.
(Prior Code, § 6-8.08) (Ord. 791, passed - -1999; Ord. 815, passed - -2001) Penalty, see § 91.99