The following specific acts, omissions, conditions and things in or upon any lot, building, structure or premises, or in or upon any right-of-way, street, avenue, alley, park, parkway, drainage way, easement or other place in the city are public nuisances, the existence of which are hereby declared unlawful.
   (A)   All land shall be kept free of privies, vaults, cesspools, sumps, pits or like places which are not securely protected from insects or rodents, or which are foul or malodorous.
   (B)   All land shall be maintained free from animal manure in any quantity which is not securely protected from insects and the elements, or which is kept or handled in violation of any ordinance of the city or the county; provided, however, that, nothing in this subchapter shall be deemed to prohibit the utilization of such animal manure on any farm, garden or ranch in such manner and for such purposes as are compatible with customary methods of good husbandry.
   (C)   All places used or maintained as junkyards or dumping grounds, or for the wrecking, dissembling, repair or rebuilding of automobiles, trucks, tractors or machinery of any kind, or for the storing or leaving of worn-out, wrecked or abandoned automobiles, trucks, tractors, trailers or other vehicles, machinery of any kind or of any of the parts thereof, or for the storing or leaving of any machinery or equipment used by contractors or builders or by other persons, which places are kept or maintained as to essentially interfere with the comfortable enjoyment of life or property by others; provided, however, that, nothing contained in this subchapter shall be deemed to prohibit any automobile wrecking yard or other junkyard where permitted by the Zoning Ordinance; provided further that, nothing contained in this subchapter shall be deemed to prohibit the disassembling, repair or rebuilding or the storage of any of the parts thereof on any land where the disassembling, repair, rebuilding or storage are customary and incidental to the principle use on the land.
   (D)   All land shall be kept free from any putrid, unsound or unwholesome bones, meat, hides, skins or the whole or any pail of any dead animal, fish or fowl, butcher’s trimmings and offal, or any waste vegetation or animal matter in any quantity, garbage, human excreta, sewage or other offensive substances; provided, nothing herein contained shall prevent the temporary retention of waste in receptacles in the manner approved by the Health Officer of the county or ordinances of the city.
   (E)   All land, buildings, rooms or other places in the city used for any trade, employment or manufacturing, shall be kept free of noxious exhalations, including, but not limited to, smoke, soot, dust, fumes or other gases, offensive odors or other annoyances that are discomforting or offensive or detrimental to the health or safety of individuals or of the public, or contributes to the depreciation of neighborhood property values.
   (F)   Burning or disposing of refuse, sawdust or other material in such a manner as to cause or permit ashes, sawdust, soot or cinders to be cast upon the streets or alleys of the city, or to cause or permit the smoke, ashes, soot or gases arising from such burning to interfere substantially and unnecessarily with the use and enjoyment of public or private property, or to injure or endanger the health of others; provided, this division (F) shall not apply where the person responsible for the action has properly obtained a fire permit from the city’s or the county’s Health Officer; provided that, nothing contained in this subchapter shall be deemed to authorize any burning not authorized under the provisions of other ordinances of the city.
   (G)   Any unguarded or abandoned excavation, pit, well or hole which is or could be dangerous to life.
   (H)   Leaving or permitting to remain outside of any dwelling, building or other structure, or within any unoccupied or abandoned building, dwelling or other structure under the control of any person and in a place accessible to children, any abandoned, unattended or discarded icebox, refrigerator or other container which has an air-tight door or lid, snap-lock or other locking device which may not be released from the inside, without first removing the door or lid, snap-lock or other locking device from the icebox, refrigerator or container.
   (I)   No person shall create or maintain any condition that obstructs or renders dangerous the use or passage of any park, stream, water course, sidewalk, parkway, square, alley, street, highway or easement.
   (J)   Buildings which are abandoned, partially destroyed, or left in a state of partial construction.
(Prior Code, § 6-8.03) (Ord. 791, passed - -1999) Penalty, see § 91.99