(A)   A permit must be obtained in advance and all other requirements of the Building Ordinance must be complied with whenever a building or parts of appurtenance thereof, such as water supply, sewage disposal, plumbing installation, electrical installation and heating equipment located outside the limits of cities, villages and incorporated towns of this county and regulated by the Building Ordinance, is erected, installed, altered, converted, remodeled, re-roofed, structurally repaired, moved or changed, except as provided hereafter.
      (1)   In manufacturing facilities, building permits shall be required only for occupied buildings. Construction of "process components" (piping, vessels, equipment, etc.) shall not require a building permit and shall be the sole responsibility of the owner and shall conform to the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) and/or Nuclear Regulatory Commission Regulations and/or other applicable industry codes and standards.
         (a)   Any owner or authorized agent who wishes to exercise this exemption must submit to the Building Official, prior to construction written certification that the proposed construction will be in compliance with the OSHA rules and regulations and/or Nuclear Regulatory Commission Regulations and/or other applicable industry codes and standards and pay the applicable manufacturing facility process component exemption fee.
      (2)   All occupiable buildings in a manufacturing facility shall require a building permit and are subject to the requirements of the Will County Building Ordinance and applicable fee schedule.
   (B)   These rules and regulations set forth requirements considered reasonable and are in every instance to be the minimum to safeguard life or limb, health and public welfare.
   (C)   No building permit as required by this chapter shall be issued for a building to be constructed on any lot, piece, parcel or tract of land that does not conform with provisions of ILCS Chapter 765 and requirements of the Will County Health Department or other applicable agencies concerning sewage disposal and water supply and other applicable ordinances in force from time to time in this county and the Zoning Ordinance of Will County, Illinois, adopted October 1, 2012.
   (D)   No new building permits shall be issued until all previous building permits that are subject to a notice of violation recording are resolved.
(Ord. 14-103, passed 5-15-2014; Am. Ord. 18-223, passed 8-16-2018) Penalty, see § 150.999