An application for an adult establishment license, or the renewal thereof, shall be made in writing to the Adult Use Commission on a form prescribed by the Commission and shall be signed by the applicant, if the applicant is an individual; by at least one of the persons entitled to share in the profits of the organization and having unlimited personal liability for the obligations of the organization and the right to bind all other persons, if the applicant is a partnership (general or limited), joint venture or any other type of organization where two or more persons share in the profits and liabilities of the organization; by a duly authorized agent, if the applicant is a corporation; or by the trustee, if the applicant is a land trust. The application shall be verified by oath or affidavit as to all statements made on or in connection with the application and any attachments thereto. Each application shall specifically identify the applicant and the licensed premises for which an adult establishment license is sought. Each initial or renewal application shall be accompanied by even identical copies.
(1980 Code, § 119.031)  (Res. 99-320, passed 8-19-1999)