Upon receipt of the license fee and application, the County Clerk shall direct the applicant to make arrangements with the County Sheriff to have his or her fingerprints taken and the fingerprints of all managing officers or employees of the business entity. The County Clerk shall forward a copy of the application to the Sheriff for him or her to conduct the tests and make his or her own investigation into any prior criminal history or background of the applicant or any other person whose name appears on the application form. The Clerk shall also forward a copy of the application to the Health and Human Services Committee and shall put the application on the agenda for the first practicable meeting of the Health and Human Services Committee. The Clerk shall further inform the applicant of the date and time of this meeting. No license shall be granted to any applicant who has been convicted of a felony within the last ten years of the date of application.
(1980 Code, § 118.05)  (Res. 84-14, adopted 3-15-1984; Res. 84-29, adopted 4-19-1984)