(A)   Arrest authority.  The Liquor Control Commissioner and Deputy Liquor Control Commissioners shall be peace officers for the purposes of enforcing the provisions of this chapter. All Sheriff’s deputies shall have the power to enforce the provisions of this chapter.
   (B)   Closing liquor facilities.  The County Sheriff’s deputies shall close a liquor facility for conduct that is unmanageable, disorderly or uncontrollable for purposes of public safety. The County Sheriff or his or her deputies shall seize the county license from the premises and instruct the licensee that the license can be retrieved the next business day at the County Sheriff’s Department.  The facility shall  then  be  closed for the rest of the business day and be allowed to operate the following business day upon retrieval of the county license.
(1980 Code, § 110.134)  (Res. 86-90, adopted 6-19-1986; Res. 97-59, adopted 3-20-1997; Ord. 05-500, adopted 11-17-2005)