§ 110.073  PROOF OF AGE.
   (A)   If a licensee under this chapter or any officers, associates, members, representatives, agents or employees of the licensee believes or has reason to believe that a sale or delivery of alcoholic liquor is prohibited because of the age of the prospective recipient, he or she shall, before making the sale or delivery, demand presentation of some form of positive identification containing proof of age.
   (B)   Proof of age shall be determined by the presentation of a valid driver’s license with a picture of the individual, or a valid identification card with a picture of the individual issued by the Secretary of State. In addition, two other forms of identification documents containing the individual’s current address and date of birth must be produced at the same time. Failure to produce these identifications will constitute notice to the licensee that the individual is not of legal age to purchase or consume alcoholic beverages. In the course of examining the identification documents, if the licensee finds that the documents are forged, changed or altered in any way, the licensee is under an affirmation duty to confiscate the documents in question and immediately notify the local police authorities. The licensee then must notify the Liquor Control Commissioner in writing on the next business day.
   (C)   No person under the age of 21 years shall misrepresent his or her age for the purpose of purchasing or obtaining an alcoholic beverage in any place where beverages are served or sold.
   (D)   No person shall transfer, alter or deface an identification card, use the identification card of another, carry or use a false or forged identification cards, or obtain an identification card by means of false information.
(1980 Code, § 110.073)  (Res. 86-90, adopted 6-19-1986; Ord. 05-500, adopted 11-17-2005)  Penalty, see § 110.999