(A)   Inspection frequency.  An annual licensing inspection of a public swimming facility shall be performed at a minimum as required by the agreement between the Health Authority and the IDPH to maintain and operate the program. Additional inspections of the facilities shall be performed as often as necessary to ensure health, safety and welfare of the people of the county and to ensure compliance with the swimming facility requirements from the Illinois Swimming Facility Act, ILCS Ch. 120, Act 125, § 1-32 and the Illinois Swimming Facility Code and any subsequent revisions thereto are hereby adopted by reference as part of this chapter.
   (B)   Access.  Representatives of the Health Authority, after proper identification, shall be permitted to enter any public swimming facility at any reasonable time for the purpose of making inspections to determine compliance with this chapter.  The representatives shall be permitted to examine the records of the facility to obtain information on the facility's daily maintenance and operation and collect samples and other materials as necessary for proper implementation of this chapter.
   (C)   Report of inspections.  Whenever an inspection of a public swimming facility is made, the findings shall be recorded on the inspection report form used by the Health Authority. The inspection report form shall summarize the requirements of this chapter. Inspectional remarks shall reference by item number the violation and the correction to be made. A copy of the completed inspection report form shall be furnished to the person in charge of the facility at the conclusion of the inspection or electronically transmitted in a timely manner. Alternate inspection forms and reports may be used provided they assure adherence to proper operation and sanitation principles. All completed inspection reports are public documents that shall be made available for public disclosure to any person who requests it according to law.
   (D)   Correction of violations.  The completed inspection report form shall include written notice of the violations in accordance with ILCS Ch. 210, Act 125, § 15.1, Swimming Facility Act.
      (1)   If an imminent health hazard exists, such as but not limited to immediate danger to health or safety, unsatisfactory bacteriological results or inoperable recirculation pumps/filters at the facility or any other condition as stated in § 820.330 and Subpart E § 820.400 Minimum Sanitary Requirements for Bathing Beaches of the Illinois Swimming Facility Code, the operations shall immediately cease. Operations shall not resume until authorized by the Health Authority.  A re-inspection shall be conducted to verify that the imminent health hazard no longer exists.  A re-inspection fee shall be charged and is included in Appendix A.  Re-inspection fees are non- refundable.
      (2)   At time of issuance of notice of any violation, the Health Authority shall request corrections as required by Illinois Swimming Facility Act, ILCS Ch. 210, Act 125, § 15.1, Violations at Facility.
      (3)   Failure to comply will be handled as required by Illinois Swimming Facility Act and the Illinois Swimming Facility Code.
(1980 Code, § 97.04)  (Ord. 09-290, adopted 9-17-2009; Ord. 12-326, adopted 10-18-2012; Ord. 15-232, adopted 8-20-2015; Ord. 18-95, adopted 4-19-2018)  Penalty, see § 97.99