§ 97.01  PURPOSE.
   The County Health Department (the Health Authority) through an agreement with the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) maintains and operates a public swimming facility program for the IDPH and is evaluated as required by the IDPH to determine compliance with the Illinois Swimming Facility Act (ILCS Ch. 210, Act 125).  Therefore, the purpose of this chapter is to establish a schedule of fees to be charged to offset the cost of operating the program, to regulate the inspections of such facilities, and to provide for the incorporation by reference the standards of the IDPH as set forth in its rules entitled "Illinois Swimming Facility Code" issued by the IDPH and may be hereinafter amended or revised.
(1980 Code, § 97.01)  (Ord. 09-290, adopted 9-17-2009; Ord. 12-326, adopted 10-18-2012; Ord. 15-232, adopted 8-20-2015)