(A)   There is created the position of County Manager, who shall, under the supervision of the Chairperson and the Administrative Services Committee of the County Board, and for the service of the entire Board, direct the day-to-day operation of county facilities, programs and personnel and assume the following duties:
      (1)   Be responsible for budget preparation and administration;
      (2)   Administer a county personnel policy;
      (3)   Administer a county purchasing policy;
      (4)   Assist in coordination and implementation of County Board actions and resolutions;
      (5)   Keep the Board regularly informed concerning federal and state legislation, including grants and revenue sharing affecting county government;
      (6)   Research and recommend long range plans regarding capital improvements, financial planning and county development;
      (7)   Assist the Chairperson of the County Board and committees of special projects and assignments;
      (8)   Develop a property maintenance and management policy for the County Board;
      (9)   Administer the property maintenance and management of the County Board; and
      (10)   Administer a central information office for the County Board members, other public officers and the general public on county operations.
   (B)   The County Board shall hire the County Manager based on his or her ability, knowledge and skills.
(1980 Code, § 32.04)  (Res. 11A, adopted 5-18-1978)