(A)   The person in charge of a public fireworks display shall have a copy of the permit in his or her possession.
   (B)   Due to the hazardous nature of materials involved, no fireworks shall be stored on location prior to set up and show time unless storage is isolated a minimum of 500 feet from any structure and activity, and under close security and guard.
   (C)   Persons setting up and shooting the fireworks displays shall be licensed and professional shooters.
      (1)   Sufficient security shall be provided to keep all persons except company employees at least 500 feet from the display area during set up and firing.
      (2)   A manned fire truck shall be standing by on the site during firing.
      (3)   Immediately following the show the grounds and area shall be inspected and policed to recover dangerous or unfired debris.
      (4)   The following morning the area shall be inspected and policed again to discover and remove any and all dangerous debris.
      (5)   The company and permittee shall provide a certificate of insurance, showing sufficient liability insurance to cover any and all accidents occurring.
   (D)   The company shall take all precautions possible to prevent all accidents, loss of life and damaged property. Any accident is to be reported to the Fire Chief and office of the State Fire Marshal immediately.
(1980 Code, § 92.02)  (Res. 79-118, adopted 6-20-1979)  Penalty, see § 92.99