(A)   The County Engineer may restrict the location and number of access points. The degree of access control shall be based on two basic criteria: (1) the size and nature of the development, which determines the volume and types of traffic generated, and (2) the existing and/or future significance of the highway being accessed.
   (B)   The highest degree of access control shall be applied to the county freeways and S.R.A Routes. A list of designated county freeway and S.R.A Routes are listed in Technical Reference Manual.
Access management is the coordinated planning, regulation, and design of access between roadways and land development. Studies have shown that an effective access management program can reduce crashes by as much as 50%, increase roadway capacity by 23% to 45%, and reduce travel time and delay as much as 40% to 60% (source: Access Management Manual, Transportation Research Board, 2014.)
(Ord. 20-231, passed 7-16-2020)