Applications for the collocation or installation of wireless telecommunication facilities shall be required to include the following.
   (A)   General permitting requirements.
      (1)   A site specific structural integrity analysis prepared by a professional structural engineer licensed in the State of Illinois.
      (2)   An exhibit showing the location where each proposed wireless telecommunication facility would be installed.
      (3)   A line-of-sight analysis to ensure that wireless telecommunications equipment, either pole or ground mounted, does not obscure the safe visibility of/by motorists, bicyclists or pedestrians.
      (4)   Photographs taken within six months of application submittal of the location and its immediate surroundings depicting the land uses and structure(s) on which each proposed wireless telecommunication facility would be mounted.
      (5)   Specifications and drawings prepared by a structural engineer, for each proposed wireless telecommunication facility covered by the application as it is proposed to be installed, with height and offset dimensions shown as well as volumetrics (cubic feet) of each of the wireless telecommunication facility components.
      (6)   A proposed schedule for the installation and completion of each wireless telecommunication facility covered by the application, if approved.
      (7)   Certification that the collocation complies to the best of the applicant's knowledge, with the frequency interference requirements in § 122.04(D).
      (8)   Restoration.  Upon completion of the work authorized by permit under this chapter, all disturbed or damaged areas of the right-of-way shall be restored to their original condition or better. Said restoration shall include, but is not limited to, repairs to shoulders, ditches, parkways, curbs, and pavements and/or any special landscaping, hardscaping, or enhanced areas that existed in the rights-of-way prior to the commencement of the permitted work. The county shall bear no responsibility for costs associated with such restoration. The applicant shall provide a performance bond in the amount of $20,000 or 125% of the engineer's estimate of probable cost, whichever is greater. An engineer's estimate of probable cost shall be submitted to the county for approval prior the provision of a bond.
      (9)   Service connections.  Other related improvements including, but not limited to, buried electrical service, and buried fiber optic or cable connections that are needed to service the wireless telecommunication facility and are installed within county rights-of-way beyond the physical pole or structure require additional and separate permits. These types of connections shall be applied for concurrently by the respective utility provider providing that service or connection.
   (B)   County-owned infrastructure.
      (1)   Pole attachment agreement.  In addition to the required permit, a separate pole attachment agreement between the wireless services provider and the county is required prior to the county authorizing the placement of wireless telecommunication facilities on county-owned infrastructure.
      (2)   Replacement of county-owned infrastructure.  If the county determines that applicable codes or public safety requires the county's infrastructure to be replaced to support the requested collocation, the county shall require the wireless services provider to replace the county's infrastructure at no cost to the county. If the proposed installation requires replacement of the county's infrastructure, no property rights will be conferred on the applicant by the replacement of such infrastructure.
      (3)   Make ready analysis.  When a wireless services provider is seeking a permit to collocate a wireless telecommunication facility on county-owned infrastructure a make ready analysis prepared by a professional structural engineer licensed in the State of Illinois shall be required.
   (C)   Alternative antenna structure: permission to use alternative antenna structure.  When the applicant of a wireless telecommunication facility submits an application, the applicant shall submit to the county a copy of the written approval from the owner of an alternative antenna structure, to mount the wireless telecommunication facility on that specific alternative antenna structure. Approval by the alternative antenna structure owner to allow the installation of a wireless telecommunication facility shall also include a guarantee by the alternative antenna structure owner that it will either remove abandoned equipment in accordance with § 122.11 or cause the removal of the equipment. Approval by the alternative antenna structure owner shall also include a determination by the alternative antenna structure owner that the alternative antenna structure is structurally capable of supporting the wireless telecommunication facility.
(Ord. 18-226, passed 8-16-2018)