(A)    Externally illuminated signs may be illuminated only with stationary, downward-cast, shielded light sources that direct light solely onto the face of the sign. Light bulbs or light tubes, excluding neon, used for illuminating such signs must be shielded or positioned so that they are not visible from public rights-of-way or residential zoning districts.
Poorly designed upward-cast lighting wastes light/energy and contributes to unwanted light pollution. All external lighting signs must be mounted on the top of the sign and aimed downward toward the sign face. Light sources must be shielded to prevent glare on nearby road-ways and residential property.
   (B)   Light trespass from any sign may not cause the light level along any residential zoning district, as measured at a height of 60 inches above grade in a plane at any angle of inclination, to exceed 0.1 footcandles above ambient light levels at the residential property line.
(Ord. 18-1, passed 1-18-2018)