(A)   Description. A nonconforming development feature is any aspect of a development—other than a nonconforming lot, nonconforming use, nonconforming structure or nonconforming sign—that was lawfully established, in accordance with zoning regulations in effect at the time of its establishment but that no longer complies with one or more standards of this zoning ordinance. Common examples of nonconforming development features are off-street parking or loading areas that contain fewer spaces than required by current standards or otherwise do not comply with applicable regulations, and sites that do not comply with current landscaping and screening requirements.
   (B)   General. Nonconforming development features may remain except as otherwise expressly stated in this zoning ordinance, but the nature and extent of nonconforming site features may not be increased except as otherwise expressly stated in this zoning ordinance.
(Ord. effective 10-1-2012)