(A)   Description. A nonconforming lot is a lot that was lawfully created in accordance with lot area and lot frontage regulations in effect at the time of the lot's establishment but that does not comply with currently applicable lot area or lot frontage regulations.
   (B)   Use of and building on nonconforming lots. Zoning certificates and building permits may be issued for any principal or accessory uses and structures allowed in the subject zoning district without bringing the nonconforming lot into compliance with the lot area or lot frontage standards of the subject zoning district.
   (C)   Lot and building standards.
      (1)   Development on all nonconforming lots must comply with the lot and building standards of the subject zoning district except as expressly stated in division (B) of this section.
      (2)   Nonconforming lots may not be adjusted in size or shape to increase the extent of nonconformity for lot area lot frontage, setback or other applicable lot and building standards. Lot area or shape adjustments that decrease the extent of nonconformity are allowed.
   (D)   Merger of contiguous lots. When two or more contiguous nonconforming lots are held in common ownership and one or more of the lots is not occupied by a principal use, the lots will be deemed a single zoning lot and must be used as a single lot in order to meet or come closer to meeting applicable lot area and lot frontage requirements.
   (E)   Effect of public acquisition. If a portion of a lawfully established lot is acquired by a public agency, the remainder of the lot is deemed to be a conforming lot.
(Ord. effective 10-1-2012)