§ 155-14.30 TRAFFIC STUDIES.
   (A)   The Zoning Administrator may require the submittal of trip generation data for proposed developments using data from the Institute of Transportation Engineers' publication Trip Generation.
   (B)   The Zoning Administrator or any review and decision-making body involved in the review of a development or permit application may require a traffic study for any proposed development that generates 250 or more average daily (week-day) trips or 100 or more peak-hour trips.
   (C)   Required traffic studies must provide adequate information to allow the county engineer to assess the impact of the proposed development on nearby roads and intersections, including its impacts on pedestrians and bicyclists.
   (D)   Decision-making bodies may require traffic control improvements, including off-site access and traffic control and require the applicant to finance and construct those traffic improvements that are directly attributable to the proposed development.
(Ord. effective 10-1-2012)